I'm sure you saw it immediately, didn't you?
I have a new haircut, indeed. After two years of letting grow my hair,
I was finally ready (mentally) to have some changes. I'm still not used to it,
but I'm proud that I took the decision after such a long time.

I'm wearing my new checked shirt in this post. I was looking for it for
a while, but it was sold out on the internet, and I just forgot that I work
at Zara and that I just needed to enter the number to see where they're selling it.
(Sometimes I get a total 'burn out', or maybe just to often)
I went to Antwerp and asked a collegue to look in the stock and than she came
out the elevator with this beautiful shirt! I'm really happy with it!

How is your week going?
Love, Cindy

PS: Weekend Knack is organising the 'Weekend blog Awards'. If you think that
my blog is worth a nominate, please enter my blog
here. (It's in Dutch.)
Thank you very much for all the support!

What am I wearing? My shirt and jeans are from Zara. The bag is from Double Stitched
and the sneakers are from Converse.

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