My black bags are having some problems and all at the same time, typical!
My Zara bag didn't have the quality I thought it would have, the other bag from VJ-STYLE
(Celine look-a-like) broke during an event, and the one from Romwe broke after coming home
from a shopping trip (My bags are always too full and too heavy, it's my own fault!).
Luckely I had this baby in the reservation closet from H&M waiting for me.
I asked my mom immediately to go back to Antwerp and to take it home for me.
As sweet as she is, she went to Antwerp, she took the bag while I was working and
now I'm the proud owner of it.

The design is perfect. There is a lot of space in it and I'm so happy now.
Why did they all broke at the same time? I really can't leave without a black bag!
Can you?

Leather bag from H&M Trend.

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