The title of this blogposts tells us already everything.
Antwerp has a new 'place to visit' when you're shopping: Supertrash.

The brand Supertrash is actually from LA, but the Dutch designer Olcay Gulsen took it over.
They're well known in the Fashion world for their shoes, but next to
their fabulous shoes, they also have a perfume and lingerie line.
They represent the Sexy woman, who is young and independent and
who loves to have some luxury in her life.

Supertrash is well known for their payable prices and for their unique items.
From now on you can find them in a pretty little store in Antwerp.
The store isn't really big, but it shows us the luxury of the brand.
You really need to take a visit!

This store opened on the 8th of March at the 'Korte Gasthuisstraat, 2000 Antwerp'.
Thanks to ListenUp and Supertrash for the Invitation. I really enjoyed this
beautiful, new store!

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