Imagine yourself on an island with beautiful a beautiful beach an white sand.
Palm trees, more than 30 degrees and a fresh breeze of wind.
That was the feeling that I got when I was in the showrooms to discover
the Marni for H&M collection in Brussels.

The mix of African prints made me feel like I was on a vacation.
H&M also made a beautiful showroom with tulips, ivy flowers and great mannequins.
They really did a great job!

 'Voor de show', a Belgian TV show, asked what I thought about the collection
and I told them that I really love the mix of African/etnic prints and that I'm sure
that a lot of people will find something they like because of the 'European' touch in it
which makes it wearable for all of us.

During my visit at the event, I also tried the jacket with the plastic/leather front.
I'm so crazy about it, and I need it so badly, but I'm not sure if I could spend 199€ for it.
But I really need some of their accessories!

Because of the overload of pictures I made a selection for my blog (+-20) and the
others (47 pictures) are on my Facebook fanpage, click here.

What do you think of the collection?
Will you wait in lines on the 8th of March?

Enjoy the pictures!

Pretty bloggers! Ines from Fashionistablogg, Elien from Dogs and Dresses, Kim from Ella&Louise, Me, Peti from Voguemoment and Afrodithe from Fashionfolio.

Marni for men.

My girl Peti from Voguemoment and I.

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