Esprit opened a new store in Antwerp on the Meir, the main shopping street of Antwerp
and I was invited by MediaMania to discover this beautiful new store.
I was really surprised by the beautiful design of it. The wooden walls and stairs
made it look like you were home. It gave you a comfortable feeling.
Also the wall with the shelves was great and they even added fashionbooks in it!
That's the best detail that they've added in my eyes.

During the event you could made your own goodiebags and pins to pin on it
with flowers. You could also paint on the bags and made it how you love it!
There was also a Expresso bar and a lot of people which made this event
into a big success!

Are you a fan of Esprit? What do you think of their new concept?

Thanks to MediaMania for the invitation, the store is beautiful!

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