About a month ago I received this amazing personal invitation from UPR.
Honestly, even when you only see this invitation it has to be something great, isn't it?
I pressed 'I'll be attending' and I waited impatiently 'till the 8th or march.
Yes the same day as Marni for H&M. It would be a busy but amazing day.
And then it was the 8th of March. Tired of waiting in line for the Marni Collection
but I really couldn't miss this event. I met up with my girl Peti and we were ready for a
'big you'-day full of fun and nice people!

There was a lot of things to do and we had a lot of fun, just as expected!
We could make our own naildesigns with Professionails, Sacha was there too
and we could make fun pictures with their shoes. We also had the opportunity to
have a MAC Make-up session. And so much more!
Discover it by yourself how fun it was by seeing some pictures in this post.

UPR, you did a great job!
I had a great time and thank you so much for the invitation!

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