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Marc Philippe Coudeyre's spring/summer 2012 collection is inspired on a hot summer day in the caribbean sea and the mysterious light of the bermuda triangle. The collection presents a range of very practical and wearable items, as well as more elegant draped evening pieces with fun fluo belts

Every piece transmits a joyful and colorful feeling. The warm beige tone reminds of long beaches, whereas the bright orange is a hint to the tropical flowers and the navy blue to the endless ocean.The gold damassé fabric refers to the hidden treasures and the silver jacquard to the missing planes.

The idea of a glittering, tropical feeling is translated in the fluo embellished dresses and the flashy sequin embroidered pieces while the degrade swarovski embellishment is like a sunset in the bahamas! The draped silk crepe dresses are inspired by beach towells, whereas the animal printed silk pieces add to the exotic, floating feeling.All the pieces can be composed into colorful silhouettes and there are many possibilites : the colorblock golden skirt and matching top , the printed shirt and beige bermuda , the fluo sequined dresses with the zipped jackets,...

I really love the collection. I could see myself wearing the first look too, but more during a late summer night in the city. Also the dress at the end caught my eye, especially because of the big bow.




.Who is Marc Philippe Coudeyre?
Marc Philippe Coudeyre grew up in different countries including Scotland, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, France and Colombia. During his childhood he was confronted with 'being different', being a stranger in a strange country. Each time Marc Philippe Coudeyre took on this unique observer position, he carefully absorbed every detail, colour and characteristics of each culture.
The memories of those different cultures have a huge impact on Marc Philippe Coudeyre as a designer. That's the story of how French couture connects with the world of kilts, sarongs and djellabahs...

After high school, Marc Philippe decided to study Architecture in Stuttgart and Barcelona. However, during these studies Marc Philippe Coudeyre discovered that his heart is with fashion. Moreover, in his impression he has reached a theoretical limit and wants to focus more on the creative body. As a result, Marc Philippe joined the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp where he graduated Cum Laude in 2007. "Every human being has his own way of expressing himself. After studying Architecture I had the feeling the only way for me was through fashion."

His final collection Black Renaissance was awarded the Tommy Hilfiger prize. Previously LancĂ´me rewarded him with the Modern Femininity award on the Colour Design Award.

Source: PURE PR Brussels.

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