You're not a fan of wearing a pair of jeans? You don't like the fabric of it
of they never fit you? Or are you someone who's a fool of jeans?
Even if you are or not, Chanel has made a denim-collection.

It's not the first time that we can find this collection in stores. The first one was
in september, and now, since the 2th of march, there is a new one!
The first one is dark blue 'Blue Rebel', the second one is light blue and has the
name 'Coco Blue', and the last one, more softer blue, is called 'Blue Boy'.

I saw them in preview at the INNO in Brussels last thursday, and I'm
so in love with the Blue Boy. But I really need to stop buying for a moment.

Will you go to your nearest parfum shop to get one, or maybe you'll get all of them?

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