Katy Perry, the well-known popstar, has always a pair of beautiful
fake eyelashes on her eyes. And really everywhere; on her clips, in daily life, events, etc.

She loves fake eyelashes so much that she started her own collection with her
favorite eyelashebrand: EYLURE.

She designed 4 types of lashes. It's a mix of sweet and sexy, and you can
wear them from the morning 'till the night, if you like to party!
And a little extra thing to know: you can reuse them! How nice is that?

Not only the boxes are totally in the Perry-theme, but also the bag is so sweet.
I received mine last week from Yapado, a Belgian PR, and I'm
really excited to test all 4 of them and to share my experience of it with you. 

Are you a fan of fake eyelashes?
Thanks to Yapado for sending me these lashes, I appreciate it!

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