Hooray, it's weekend!
That was my first happy thought this friday. I had a free saturday and sunday.
I was ready to spend the weekend in bed, watching movies, surfing on blogs
and looking for new stuff on online shops.
But everything went different when I went working yesterday.
I had to help my team and there a lot of people sick.
I think it's the time of the year now.

So yesterday I woke up with a little morning mood.
I didn't know what to wear, it was cold, and I would've loved to stay
in bed. But okay, that's life!
After seeing my new mint skirt from Zara my mood became better and
I chose to make a total green outfit with a touch of mint.
With a happy mood and a big smile I started my day, and
for now I'm chilling in bed with movies.

Have a nice sunday!

What am I wearing? Everything is from Zara.

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