I won't do the same thing over and over again.

And that's why I made this outfit post in colors black and white. Just to make it different.
I had a great sunday afternoon yesterday. We made new outfitshots, we had a delicious
sunday dinner and I spended some time on my favorite blogs.

I'm you've noticed that I'm not posting a lot of outfitposts lately. But I have a little
excuse for that: 'My Work'. Alright not a 'waterproof'-excuse, but hey! I passed
the test to start a potential program. So that means I'm following a program to
become assistant manager. And that takes a lot of time, believe me!

But I really don't want to make crappy posts, or to make you guys bored.
So I hope you understand a little bit why my outfitposts were reduced.

However, I wish you all an amazing week!
Lots of love, Cindy

What am I wearing? Everything is from Zara.

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