Oh my dear Isabel Marant...
I'm wearing your pants with such a pleasure.
After buying three items, two pair of pants and a pair of boots, I
still can't get enough of your items. I would love to have the fringe boots too,
maybe your shirts also, and a jacket.
It sounds like a little addict-one, isn't it?

Anyway, you already saw the boots here, and today it's the perfect moment
to wear the comfortable 'jogging' pants.
I've been working a lot this week, and I can't leave my heels at home, so I chose
to combinate it with these pants to be a little bit more comfortable, and it worked!

I will never regret buying them!
Now I just need to collect some money for new items.

Enjoy the outfit, and most of all: enjoy your day sweeties!

What am I wearing? The faux fur coat is from Zara. The shirt and wedges are from H&M.
The bag is sponsored by VJ-STYLE and my pants are from Isabel Marant.

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