Since I discovered I'm always looking to their shoes.
At the beginning of the sales I found these NOWHERE heels. I saw the
'boot'-version on other blogs but I prefer these elegant pointed heels.

Why am I only posting about them now?
Seriously, I bought too much this month and they were hided under
a lot of shopping bags. Yes, shame on me. I totally understand that reaction.
How could I forget them?

Something I would like to tell you.
"I read some bad comments about Nelly, like:
- The package doesn't arrives.
- They're sending wrong sizes
and I never had problems with them. I already made 5orders
and they came in after 3days. The only negative point for Nelly is
their packaging for the boxes. They always arrive broken.
I shared it on Twitter and I got some people with the same problem.
So if you love beautiful shoeboxes, just like me, there will be a big
risk that it will arrive broken, but I still love their webshop."

I'll show you an outfit soon!

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