An iPad, yes or no? Two months later I was still asking myself the same question.
I'm not a huge Apple fan, actually I only have an iPod and I don't use it that much.
But I still wanted to buy myself a tablet to keep my blog up to date when I'm travelling
and to read my mails during the whole day.

Oh dear tablet, you got me. Really!
My shopping trip to Antwerp was the best idea I ever had.
The local store gave discounts on their tablets. SAY WHAT?
I ran into the store and this beauty caught my eyes.
It's the EeePad from ASUS, the same brand as my Mini-laptop,
which I'm still very happy about!
It has 32GB, two camera's, external options, it works with Flash Player,
it can read all type of files, etc. And that for €400,-.
Yes dear tablet, like I said before; you got me.

Now I can't imagine a life without.

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