The third Blogger Session has passed by.
On the first of February we met eachother at ICI Paris XL
to learn more about make-up. And who could us learn more about that
than Valerie de Flo?

Valerie de Flo is the winner of the ICI Paris XL Make-up talent (see the post
about it here) and she could help us with all our questions!

For somebody like me, who doesn't knows a lot about make-up, it was
a great expierence. I enjoyed trying things out by myself and to have tips
from her and the other bloggers.

I'll make a special post about the tips she gave us and you'll discover more
about the new collection from Givenchy soon!
For those who can't wait: Oona made a video about the expertise
and you can discover it at the end of this post!

Thank you very much Oona & ICI Paris XL for this great
experience and great evening!

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