February is coming to an end and I will remember this month for a long time.
We didn't only celebrate the new Spring/Summer collection from Tiany Kiriloff, we
also celebrated the 25th birthday of our Belgian brand Kipling.

I will always remember my first schoolbag: a purple schoolbag from Kipling.
And to be honest, I wanted that bag just for the monkey.
When my mum told me I could chose one, I started looking at the names
of the monkeys, and the one with the best name would be the bag.
A little bit childish, right, but I was 6 or maybe 7 years old.

But now, 12 years later, Kipling is still making a lot of beautiful bags.
Each time when I'm going to Antwerp I'm passing by the Kipling store to look at their new models.
When you're going to their store now, you'll find their '25years-Kipling'-collection, especially
made to celebrate their birthday.

When you look further in this post you'll see some pictures from the party.
UPR made an amazing event of it, and they can be proud, we loved it all!
Great music, an amazing place (Felix Pakhuis, Antwerp), and delicious food.
What do we need more to celebrate?

Enjoy the pictures and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIPLING!
Thanks to UPR for the invitation and the great evening.
My EeePad was there too!

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