A new year doesn't only means a new start, but for my blog it also
means new sponsors and collaborations.

There are a couple of new sponsors for 2012 and the first one
to introduce you is Damesmode-Muze. This Dutch shop excists
four years and they're selling a lot of exclusive brands, most of them
are Scandinavian brands. Some examples of brand are Camilla Norrback,
Bruuns Bazaar, Designers Remix, Hans Ubbink, and so much more.

My first item from Damesmode-Muze are these pants from Bruuns Bazaar.
They're so soft and comfortable. I love them!

Discover the outfit with the new pants tomorrow!
While you're wating you can already take a visit to their shop,

By the way; they're sending worldwide!

Thanks to Damesmode-Muze for the trust in my blog, the opportunity and the sponsoring.

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