"I got a feeling that today will be a very good day!"

I stood up this morning with a good and positive feeling.
Without any reasons, just out of nothing, but also overwhelming
because it has been a long time since I felt so great.

I didn't feel like I was myself since the start of the sales, at the beginning
of january. Days at work were hard and long,
and I also became ill last weekend.

But hey, everything is fine again!
I also bought myself a new dress during the sales.
Look how my dress is blowing away with the wind, I love it.

So for today, a 100% 'Happy Cindy' and I wish you all an amazing day!

What am I wearing? 1. Leather jacket - River Island // 2. Maxi dress - Zara //
3. Sequin Clutch - Zara // 4. Black wedges - H&M.

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