1. Acne sweater // 2. T by Alexander Wang - via Net-a-porter.com // 3. Michael Kors clutch -
Shopbop.com // 4. Current/Elliott Skinny jeans via Net-a-porter.com // 5. Zara heels

One of my new concepts for this year; 'The outfit collages'.
There are always a couple of items who are catching your eyes during
the online shopping but sometimes you can't affort them. When I found
some of these 'unaffordable items' I saved them in my favorites with the map 'wishlist',
but honestly I forgot them after a while. Wouldn't it be better to share these
items with my readers?

 In these collages I'm showing you some inspirations which
I made with my favorite items and I hope it will inspire you too.
I'll combinate the more expensive ones with affordable items to
make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy them.

Feel free to give me your opinion about this kind of posts.
Or if you have any requests; just shoot :).

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