Imagine that you're in Antwerp with a friend/collegue.
Before you left, you had promised your dear mother not to buy a single
thing during the sales. Even if it's only 3 euros, you wouldn't buy it.

Only a few hours later, you're in the middle of the 'Meir',
the principal shopping street of Antwerp.
You see all those shopping bags of other people and maybe you
 just need to take a look at that little store in order to do some window shopping,
because you promised your mum you wouldn't buy anything.

All right, I did the little window shopping,

but it turned out in some impulsive purchases.
(oh mum, I'm sorry, but it was -50%)

Maybe not a good excuse, but the good excuse was that

I have been dreaming of having some Isabel Marant items for a while,
and with my bonus of work (which you get at the end of the year),
I decided that this impulsive purchase was just 'okay'.

Not very 'okay' for my mum, but I'm very happy with my 3 new items!

Graanmarkt 13
2000 Antwerp

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Cindy Van Dyck
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