Almost two months ago, on the 15th of november 2011, I received
an inviation for the H&M Showrooms to discover the Spring collection of 2012.

I really love the H&M Showrooms. They have a lot of space
and you can really enjoy your time there while you're discover
the collection.

I'm sorry for showing these picture so late. But  for those who are following
 me on Facebook had the chance to see these pictures in November.

Today I'm not showing you all the pictures, they're still on Facebook if
you would like to see them all, but just my favorites.
You'll see a lot of accesoiries and jewelry. They were all so nice!

What to tell you about the clothes?
I wish they were already in my wardrobe!

So discover it by yourself and let me know which items you love.
All my love, Cindy.
Thanks to H&M for this great day, I loved it!

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