I'm following all their new products since I discovered this brand
on the PURE PR-DAYS in 2011.

I'm not always posting their new products but this one is one
of my favorites and I would like to share it with you.
Discover this product after the jump!

Glamour-blog.com loves Sampar, what about you?

The Sampar Prodigal Pen will clean your skin from the Inside out.
This pen contains 8 essential oils who are eliminating impurities and acne.
There is also another product in the pen who will focus the damaged areas of your skin.

Wondering which oils this pen contains?
1. Canella
2. Lavendar
3. Savory
4. Thyme
5. Oregano
6. Rosemary
7. Cloves
8. Sage

The first seven oils are working as an anti-bacterial and are focusing
on the impurities on the skin.  Oil 8 is bringing the oily skin back in balance. 

You can by it at Planet Parfum of on www.Sampar.com
6ml - €20,-

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