Romwe, my favourite online shop! Alright I love Zara too but
it's not the same. I wish there was a Romwe shop near by my
house where I could take a look every single day!

Christmas is the new next holiday and therefor Romwe
is giving us new codes which are available from the
first 'till the 10th of december.
Why? Because during the holidays the delivery will be slower as usual
and Romwe gives you the chance to shop earlier with some great discounts.
So girls, if you want to give a gift to somebody or you want to spoil
yourself with Christmas, use these codes!
Code1:WinterClearance1 Save $15 for $60+
Code2:WinterClearance2 Save $25 for $90+
Code3:WinterClearance3 Save $35 for $120+

You can only use one code on the order you're making.

On the picture you can see my 3 favourite items
and I can't wait to shop!

Enjoy the shopping girls!

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