I'm in love, oh la la la. Yes, with my boyfriend too,
but this time I felt in love with an amazing leather accessories brand.

The name of the brand is 'Double Stitched'.
Double stitched has launched his first collection with the name 'Celeste'.
In the collection you can find 5 items. The first item is the
'Celeste It-Bag'. It's actually the biggest bag from the collection,
more a traval bag (€298,-). You also have the smaller one (€229,-) and you can find
some nice extra items as a wallet (€48,-), a coin wallet (€32,-)
and a business card holder (€22,-).
All of these items are made from Cow leather and they have a vintage look.

If you don't know yet what to buy for Christmas: take a look at HELDER.
It's a shop on the 'Vrijdagmarkt 13' in Antwerp where you can
find this brand!

I already got myself a bag and I got 3items for you to win soon!
Visit their website: www.double-stitched.com to find out more.

These picture are made at my home.

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