It's already one week ago that I left Belgium to go to Lyon.
I finally had the opportunity to put the pictures
on my computer, and I was surprised that I didn't take more
pictures! Only a 20 pictures were on my camera so that means
that I can't show you a lot about my little vacation there but I hope
you still like these few shots.

Have a nice weekend!

Picture 1: The big watch at the center of Tassin La Demi Lune.
Picture 2: The sunset, took it with my phone, sorry for the poor quality!
Picture 3: I made some time to update my blog.
Picture 4: A little shot of my outfit.
Picture 5: The items I wore that day; Sponsored
INWEAR blazer, Zara heels, 
pants and shirt and my sponsored VJ-Style bag.
Picture 6: One of the items I bought there. I found these great H&M Trend bracelets!

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