My clothes for that day? My new jacket from Romwe; ofcourse!

Pressdays... This season the pressdays were so hectic.  I never received so much e-mails from PR
agencies to visit their S/S '12 collections. But at the same time I was very excited
to discover the new summer items. Because honestly, this cold weather isn't my best friend
at all.  So I made my planning. All the agencies fitted in, and than, at the last moment, my boyfriend
told me he would come. And guess what just during the pressdays! I didn't know what to do.
But alright I survived.

I could only do 4 agencies. I would love to do more, but his train
was already leaving at the noon so I couldn't do more.
So I would love to say something to the other agencies who have invited me;
I'm very sorry that I couldn't come, but I hope you
all had some great PR days and I can't wait to see you all soon again!

My first stop wednesday was Media Mania.
And why? Because I never went there before. I couldn't wait to meet the people behind
the PR and I was very glad to meet them.
I saw some beautiful things and I'll share them with you right now.
Enjoy the pictures and there are more PR agencies to come.
I hope you'll enjoy them all!

All my love, Cindy

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