It's time to show you an outfit which I'm wearing during my 'working-free' days.
Just a comfortable pair of jeans with my favourite white converse
sneakers. And honestly, I'm a die hard heels fan, like most women,
 but at the same time it makes me so happy when I'm walking in
these comfortable sneakers. And there's nothing wrong with it, right?

It was also a great opportunity to show you my new item from VJ-Style.
I already made a post about it, but you couldn't see it on me.
The jacket is really warm and I'm loving the pockets, they're
keeping my hands so warm!
If you're looking for a warm jacket to pass the winter; VJ-STYLE!

Alright I talked enough, it's time to share the pictures.
Have a nice weekend sweeties!

I'm wearing my sponsored VJ-STYLE jacket with my leather coat from River Island.
The top and jeans are from Zara and my sneakers are from Converse!

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