Versace for H&M, you see it on almost every blog.
Some of the bloggers and Versace-lovers were waiting for this day
for a while and today, the 17th of november, it was the 'big' dag.

Fist of all; I wasn't convinced at all. It was a little bit too colourful
to shiny, and yes not so 'me'. But after looking at the pictures, which I made during
the preview, I really saw some items that had caught my eye.
But then; should I wait in the line or not?

I saw me blog-collegue from Voguemoment and we decided to go together.
At 5.30 it was still quiet but not only a few minutes later everybody started to push
and I wasn't far from giving up and to go home. But I didn't! I stayed and I got
the items I really wanted.

The decision; I fell in love with Versace!
Did you bought some items?

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