Are you free the first of december?
Are you ready to discuss with other bloggers?
Are you curious about learning how to go to a
next level with your blog?
3x yes?

Alright, here is more info about a new educational event!
We all know how difficult it is to stay up
to date as a blogger and to keep your blog
on the right level.
All the bloggers have their own expierences and
tips to get their blog on that right level.

This event is a great moment to share these
expierences and tips
with 50 other participants.
And one of these 50 can be you!

So if you want to discuss with professionals and if
you want to be inspired: join
Go to
their web and enter. But hurry up, the places
are almost taken!

More info and prices are on
the web.
Are you going?

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