Every year, in the month of october we put all our attention to breast cancer. During the breast cancer month the foundation Think Pink asks us to give attention to this cancer. Also this year Swarovski helps the foundation. And you'll also see the boutiques in the whole 'Think Pink-concept'.

Swarovski has a lot of female clients and breast cancer is a disease which affects the most women. That's one of the reasons they support the foundation.

The 'Swarovski for Think Pink' is a shiny pink collection and you can find 4 products:
- The Tack pin: this is the eyecatcher of the collection. It has the shape of the well known pink ribbon. €46,-

- The Crystaline pen: Why would you write with a simple pen if you can use a beautiful pink one and you'll support the foundation at the same time! €29,-

- The Pink hope pendant: This silver chain will show that you have your heart at the right place. You can wear it on every occasion and it's a very exclusive pendant with light pink crystals. €55,-

- And the charm: Last but not least! This pendant has the shape of the pink ribbon and it has been trimmed with pink crystals. You can hang it on your phone, bag, or even your pendant bracelet! Show everyone that you care and that you support them! €44,-
Go to a Swarovski shop near by you and buy your Think Pink product from Swarovski to support them!

Thanks to UPR Belgium for the informations and the pink ribbon.
I support the foundation with all my heart, I hope you do it too.

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