Do you remember the post with my new Aukoala shoes? You didn't?
Well you can check it here again.

Today I'm wearing these boots because my feet are almost "dead".
I worked a lot this week and I did some events in the evening too and
now it's time to give my feet some rest. The best way, for mine, is to give
them a soft/warm treatment and these boots are perfect for a day of rest.
The wool inside keeps them warm and it's like you're walking in some socks!
I really love these boots.

Beside my new shoes I'm also showing you my new jacket sponsored by VJ-STYLE.
The reason why I chose this jacket is because of the zippers. You can make a lot of
different lenghts or cuts in the jacket by opening the zippers.

Enjoy this little outfit post and have a great evening!

Wearing my sponsored Aukoala boots and VJ-STYLE jacket with my Zara blouse and  H&M pants.

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