At the beginning of the last week I received an e-mail with the
question if I would like to join the dinner table for the Fashion Award.
My first reaction was like, "this can't be true." but it really was.
So I said "Yes" and thursday the 20th of october it was the VIP-evening of
the Weekend Fashion Award at Brussels..

Enjoy the pictures of that evening, and for the readers who are following
me on Facebook too,there you could see all the pictures of the evening!
What about the Weekend Fashion Award 2011?
During these two days 12 young and talented designers from prestigious fashion school
are showing their collection. The selection has been made by KNACK Weekend and
Le VIF Weekend.

Knack weekend and Le Vif are chosing one winner from the 12 designers
and that person will have the Award of 2011.

During the VIP-evening we also had a dinner. 900 guests
were there! Sponsers and clients included.
The dinner was made by Pascal Devalkeneer a star cher from
Chalet de la ForĂȘt.

The collegue bloggers at my table were Sofie, Kim
Dorothée, Cyrielle, Toni and Emma.
They were all looking amazing and it was nice
to spend the night with them!

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