Finally we have all the collection items from the Versace  for H&M collection.
My first impression? Very special, a lot of FLUO colors and very dared.
I don't like the whole collection but some items are totally me, especially some jewelry pieces.

Some are wondering if the collection will be sold out on the 17th of november or
will there be some items in the sale just as with Lanvin?

I'm showing you all the items in collages, which I made myself for women and men.
The prices, which are already known, are at the end of the post.
Enjoy the items and let me know what you think!

The prices:
The leather dress:  €249-
Bracelets: €24.95
Silk top: €59,95
Leather jacket: 199€
Silk dresses starting at €129-
Chains: €39,95
Scarf: €29,95
Leggings: €59,95

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