It's not the first time that SAMPAR appeared on my blog. You could already read discover the brand in this post and there was also a giveaway with their products.

Today I'm introducing you the two new SAMPAR PARIS products. The "Nocturnal Rescue Mask" and the "Poreless Magic Peel".
The first item I'll introduce you is the
'Nocturnal Rescue Mask'.

It's a mask which you bring on during the night. While you're sleeping it repares the sensitive skin. It makes the red spots softer and the skin irritations are faded.  Your skin will also look frosted after using this product.

For 30ml of this product you'll pay €29,-

After the little introduce of the Mask it's time to show you the
"Poreless Magic Peel".

The fluide Peel efface is a care in a curse form which will clear the skin
in a profond way and it will correct all the little spots and pimples.
With this product you'll have a clearer skin.

For 30ml you'll pay €29,-

The introducing isn't that large but try it out and
tell me what you think about the products!
Pictures and tekst from PURE PR.

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