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Most of you know that I'm doubting for a while now about keeping my blog or not.
I've been looking for all the positive and negative things to compare them and still didn't know it yet.

A lot of my readers/fans were telling me I didn't need to give up on my dreams and maybe they were true, actually I'm sure they were. And why? Because today I received an e-mail from
creatorsofdesire to tell me my blog has potential and that it's worth for a visit;

"We do think your blog has a lot of potential. So we've decided to select a small group of bloggers that has signed up with us and send them a special "A Blog To Remember" badge from our website. You can place this badge on the right sidebar of your blog so everyone can see you blog is definitely worth paying a visit. I wish you all the luck and we definitely keep an eye on you blog to see where things are going."

Isn't that an amazing boost? I was so honored to read this. It doesn't only makes me sure that I need
to continue with my blog and but also that my work is appreciated by a lot of people.

There will always be someone who will not appreciate my work or who I am as a person/blogger,
but that's just life, we need to accept it and from now on I'll give a 250% for this blog!

Thanks again to everyone who supports me day in, day out!
You're all amazing!

Love Cindy

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