The week before I left I was invited to ARROW @ Oxford in Antwerp.
That day I also visited MM6 and Cosicosi with my collegue blogger Petimat from Voguemoment.
Once we arrived at arrow we saw our collegue-bloggers Nona and Julie. We've talked a little
bit and we discovered the collection of Arrow together.

Arrow is a brand which makes beautiful shirts for men. The first one that caught my eye was 
the shirt with the checks (I've put a picture of it further in this post). And honestly
I would pick one for myself to wear it oversized!

Thanks to the co-bloggers and Oona for the great event.
“At Arrow we think contemporary and we execute classically.”
Michael Arts, PVH Europe

The first Arrow collection under PVH Europe launching at retail Fall 2011 will feature a three tier
men’s shirt assortment comprising: classic, casual, and contemporary. Each unique collection will
be reinterpreted for the modern world with detail surprises. Casual material might be used in a
formal way and smart details surprise the most casual styles. The collection will offer shirts that
are distinctly refined, structured, and tailored for comfort with a liberated to-the-point attitude.
Each tier is defined by unique fabrics inspired from its own encyclopedia archive, for instance:
unique chambrays with ‘ombre’ plaids, window-pane checks with neutrals, and by fits that make a
powerful statement. Alongside the main collections there is a dedicated range known as “The Arrow
White” shirt. After all, a stylish man can never have too many white shirts. Arrow presents its
collections quarterly to the market, with a price range from 69 to 99 euro’s.

Arrow’s authentic global presence is committed to providing quality apparel that embody the
heritage of the company and deliver superior quality to consumers. Arrow uses its rich heritage and
original designs to offer customers fashionable yet functional apparel. The extraordinary brand
commands recognition for its commitment to produce a refined and relevant product.

Text: Oona PR, Pictures:

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