Big news? You must think 'What will she tell us now?'. And no, I don't do it to be annoying but yes I have a new brand to introduce you. But this time it isn't just and online shop.

At the and of may I was contacted by 3suisses. They asked me if I would like to be sponsored by them. I was so surprised! Since I'm a little kid I was ordering there some clothes with my mum and I was always so excited to see the package at my door, and yes I was crying when those beautiful pants didn't fit as mum would like to! But beside of that 3suisses is also a great online shop and well known here in Belgium so I was even more excited. They also told me I was the first blogger where they're working with, so honestly I felt a little bit honored. So 3suisses, thank you so much!

The first cooperation didn't work like expected. At the beginning of july I still didn't have anything from them and it became a little bit strange so I contacted them back. They told me I could choose another one and I picked a few items with are perfect basics for the winter! You may be sure there will be an outfit of it online soon!

And for those who don't know 3suisses; 3Suisses started in the year of 1933 and is at the year of 2011 still a very important online shop here in Belgium! You can find more info about them on their web 3SUISSES.BE .

Last but not least; a preview of my order!

I'm very excited to show you everyting, so I hope you're as excited as me to see it!

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