Tuesday the 23th was the day of the River Island x-mas show at Oona PR. I expected a great evening with all my collegue bloggers and the people I know. And my expectations were nothing when I saw the show. They made a beautiful white carpet, with transparant chairs around and beautiful light effects on the ground to make a x-mas feeling in the room. Not only the room was great, also the show itself. Good models and a beautiful collection! As a shoefreak I saw a lot of nice heels which I will put on my wishlist for this winter!

Wondering how it was? Look at the pictures!
Thanks to OONA PR and the Belgian Bloggers for the great evening!

What about the brand?
River Island started out as Lewis Separates in 1948, just as Dior’s New Look went mainstream. The chain changed its name to Chelsea Girl in 1968 when the psychedelic moved from the Kings Road into the suburbs. It became River Island in 1988, even as leggings escaped from the gym and gained a dreadful ascendancy. The chain’s target market today is girls who were in nappies in the early and mid-Eighties. But plenty of women who were babysitters, or even mothers, to these Thatcher’s children have not moved on.

- Source: woman.timesonline.co.uk

I will show you the campaign pictures soon!

All the pictures were made for Glamour-blog.com by myself. Please do not use them without my permission!

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