It's time to share some collection with you! I received a lot of pressnews in my mailbox but didn't had the time to share them, and really, I'm so sorry about it!

Today I start with the Fall/Winter collection of SPRINGFIELD for women. Next week I'll upload the collection for men! And you'll find a lot of other collections!

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What are the collections for Springfield women this season?
A fresh and very urban look inspired in New York of the 80's and its artists like
Keith Haring, Warhol and Basquiat. Strong contrasts in the colors: red, black
and white, geometric graphics and stripes, all mixed in dresses, shirts and
cardigans. Still a summer look in this collection.

Collection inspired by the 60's and its star Twiggy who revolutionized the
fashion world. A stylish look with simple garments and fabrics but eye-catching
colors and patterns. Red, cognac and blue denim. The new interpretation of
Leopard is the connecting element for this collection.

Inspired by the 30's in style and form, translated into a fashionable look but in
relaxed way. Soft handfeel. Open jacquards, dressed with flowers in shades of
red. Wool shorts in grey and feminine blouses in a colorful girly style.

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Thanks to PRAVDA PRESSROOM for the pictures and the informations.

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