April 21, 2014

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Since 1829... When I just started to express my love for fashion, style and designer bags (at the age of 16), I could never imagine to have a Delvaux handbag. I remember telling my friends that they were too classic, for 'older' ladies and that I would never spend money on it. Well look at me now, 5years later, I finally found my best fitting personal style and realised that minimalism, classic and timeless items are the keys for my style. And those key-items are (for me) completely 'Delvaux'.

My first designer handbag was my Louis Vuitton, and since then I decided to invest in designer handbags. Ofcourse I cheated a little bit (got some clutches from Zara/H&M too), but it's so important to have a beautiful, I call it my baby, practical handbag, in which you can carry around anything you need for work, a shopping trip or travelling. The Saint Laurent handbag was love at first sight, this Delvaux Cross Body bag too. Or second sight ;). I still needed a small 'handsfree' handbag, and ofcourse; a timeless one! And the best of all; Delvaux is a Belgian designer brand. Yay for this lovely fact!

Hello Delvaux, Hello Belgian Pride!

April 19, 2014

 Happy birthday to me! Well no, it's not my birthday, but I received a fun AND sweet mail from ASOS with a discount code. Why? Because I placed my first online order (ever!) five years ago on their webshop, asos.com, and for that, they wanted to thank me. Aww hug, thanks, kisses!

I've been checking their Plimsolls collection for about a week now, and when I finally decided to buy the petrol ones (nr. 1 on the first picture) they were sold out... Lucky me! Uhh.
Today, when they sended me the sweet thank-you-mail, I checked again, it was back in stock and I decided to take immediately 3pair of slip-ons. Just love this kind of shoes, and it's so easy to wear during work or a shopping spree!

I've made a collage with all the models they have, and the 3 pairs on top of the post are the ones I've ordered. Can't wait to receive them!

You can check them here! The ones in silver are amazing too ;)
Have a nice weekend sweets! xoxo

April 17, 2014

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 Celine-ish, here we go... Since it's almost summer, Zara decided to launch their lookbook for April and May with some Céline-ish looks. White, minimalistic and 'boxy'-shapes are taking over in their lookbook. Even though it's too cold for the current temperature in Belgium right now, some of the items are really nice (got myself the Lila colored skirt)!

But I have to be honest... the current collection isn't my style for 100%, and it's strange to say this as a complete Zara-addict. But neither at other stores or brands. It's like my brain stopped the 'shopping-addiction' and karma gave me a complete 'stop-modus'. Not that bad actually 'cause I got my thoughts on something else: MAC Cosmetics is now my favorite place to go. 
Maybe I should become a beauty blogger!

What do you think of the lookbook?

April 14, 2014

(Zara striped office shirt and heels // COS purple midi skirt)
Perfect purple cotton... Yay! Finally a new outfit post, and immediately one with my new skirt, which I bought last weekend. I fell in love when I saw the color of the skirt and when I tried it on, it was just WAUW, perfect. No doubts; I took it home and combinated it with a last sale score; my pinstriped zara shirt. Also great with a pair of jeans for a casual look.

By the way; I'm very happy to be completely back as a Fashion Blogger. During the first months that I started my new job it was quite difficult to find a balance between my two favorite things to do (working and the blog), and right now everything goes very well! My blog will turn 5years old within two months and some amazing collabs will be online soon; so stay tuned...

Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow!
Lots of love,Cindy